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R.T.P. Da Dream (Ryan Thomas Plavecsky) Born August,10,1989 in Akron, Ohio (youngest of 4) (the outkast) in Ohio where he would be raised and live his whole life as of up to present; fell in love with music at very young age soon picking the genre he loved the most (Hip-Hop) bought his 1st rap cd and decided rapping was his dream at age 7. R.T.P. says"I would borrow 2pac (& Many Other Rap Artists) cds from my sister as early as ages 5 and 6 becoming very inspired.. 2PAC died when I was 7..I was so young i and confused  and didn't know what to think or don't remember but I love his music, inspiring me to realize rapping was my dream around 7..i would rap and sing lyrics freestyle all the time..later that year I bought my 1st cd from the store which was Master P- Ghetto D..I then also became obsessed with the No-Limit Soldiers and would get the cds and sport the charms back in the day..then at age 9 I recorded my 1st song on a cheap cassette tape recorder, recording one version on the bus then later another version at home with an Ice Cube instrumental playing in the background..i guess that's how it started" says R.T.P.  ....He went on "I became a huge fan and grew a huge love and passion for the art buying so many hip-hop cds like they were candy every time my pops would visit me he'd take me to store and get me one. Eminem got big and came out and I grew obsessed with his music as well becoming more inspired.I eventually started experimenting with acid and acid 2.0 (the music program) like when it 1st came out pasting clips and loops and making beats then recorded my 1st song on a cd like around 12( a year after I moved in with my pops)...I became obsessed till it was my only escape eventually and here I am a decade later still making  music and cds, 7 old cds (some never released some rare to find) but now  a fresh 19 albums going on 20 online worldwide from itunes to amazon even spotify, xbox, u name it..I'm still on the rise and I hope to one day fulfill and capture my Dream completely for this is my life, my love, my passion, my heart, and my spirit..." "executive producer R.T.P. Da Dream"  R.T.P. Da Dream is an indie artist with a crazy one of a kind style like no other with some of the most powerful and versatile music ever. his dedication and passion is unbeatable. You just have to listen for yourself and feel the rush. from meaningful moving tracks about his life to just funky fresh flavor ..from crazy angry,happy,spiritual,religious,inspiring,drama,moving ,sad,chill,You name it there is a wide range of music from this one of a kind lyrical beast. and fire beat producer...I think it's safe to say a legend is making his way,only time will tell what may be fate.. support the movement .. as of now R.T.P. DA DREAM is the Underground King! he's been doing this for 19 years and still going strong! support da dream support real hiphop and the truth. this Movement is Forever!


22 albums online worldwide from                                 R.T.P. DA DREAM

ALL R.T.P. DA DREAM ALBUMS ONLINE WORLDWIDE: itunes and every other major online store. click any album for itunes view.

R.T.P. Da Dream's new album Electriq Live Paintingz coming August 23rd, 2015 and said to be one a crazy art piece one of kind no one can duplicate these master works. and for the 1st time R.T.P.finally found true Love. when released said to be best of all time Forever plenty of crazy powerful disses as well toward old rap members and other whack industry rappers dissed really bad.as well. SUPER POWERFULL ARTWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R.T.P. Da Dream's new Album sequel Soul Portal 2 will be online worldwide this summer 2014 and promised (by Da Dream himself) to be his greatest most versatile work he's ever made and he believe's will be ever made. Get ready to explore a one of a kind oddysse with Soul Portal 2.

New album Floating On Sound Wavez 4ever is set to release Jan. 17th 2014 online worldwide!!!!!!! all produced by R.T.P. DA DREAM himself. get ready for the most anticipated album to launch the year and set to easily be his best album ever with flow, lyrics, and production like no other!!! a def one of a kind breed that will fill the air with a rarity of sound wavez inwhich R.T.P. DA DREAM floats on guarauntees satisfaction to the ears and environment around you with all kindz of vibez and rythyms of life. R.T.P. is on his way to bein hiphop's next big sensation get ready and make sure to get this destine to be a classic to start off the New Year!!!!!!!!!


New album Space Jamz & Looney Tunez just released July 4th 2013 ONLINE WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!

R.T.P.'s new album "Chapterz Of A Maniac" just released during march madness in 2013. full of heart and dedication as he truly paints chapters from the view of a maniac.



Im RTP DA DREAM. R.T.P. are my intials AND I go by DA DREAM for a few resons. 1. I live for da dream ( my dream to be a a legend and make it big in rap,my dream since i was seven.) 2. I live DA DREAM (as i live this musical dream like atmoshere). 3 I smoke alot of herb so i feel like im in a Dream state of mind all of the time. 4. Because i believe every soul gotta DREAM.

Making a serious mark in hiphop with this creative work of art every album a must have for all the hiphop fans out there. all type of differnet flavors for your ear. an instant classic from the
artist stil on the rise so u can feel and hear the heart and hunger with in him. this is a movement R.T.P. is on his way. Thanks to all my fans for supporting me.

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