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Space Jamz is a indie record label and brand founded and owned by R.T.P. DA DREAM who signed himself as an artist and producer for his projects as well as own cover/logo designer and still manages to produce extra incredible beats on the side for sale. "It's like being the owner,manager,designer,coach, only player and even a fan all at once for a sports team..it may be challenging but it's also a Dream if only I can make my ultimate Dream come true this way to reach the masses but either way it could be the the spark to the fire." says R.T.P. Da Dream in a well put together speech. R.T.P. also calls the booth his spaceship (as can be heard in many songs online worldwide) which is where he came up with idea and name for his brand/label Space Jamz. also loving the movie Space Jam when growing up also inspired this name and being a huge MJ  and Lebron fan.  IM STILL LOOKING FOR A MAJOR LABLE TO JOIN AND EVENTUALLY BRANCH OFF TO FULLFILL MY DREAM & REACH THE WORLD.

Welcome to a stationary full of Space Jamz. where there will always be plenty of "Space" for"Jamz" fresh clean drumz with galaxys of sound wavez ready to Jam with rhythm and harmonies in audio Space.

Our CONSISTANT QUALITY of beats right in your palms instantly. get ready to enter a world full of SPACE JAMZ

Windowtech sales (proud sponser) Jim Plavecsky (half owner)

Proud Sponser of /Co founder Big Man Jim Plavecsky and his self owned company Windowtech team up with Space Jamz.

also the Proud Father of Son R.T.P. DA DREAM who is proud to call him Pops. & best Coach for our basketball team ..together an invincible Team 4ever!!!!! Space Jamz & WindowTech 4EVER PASSION LIVES ON 4EVER!

If your ready to take your project and passion to the next level then check out our Space Jamz ready for take off now! forget that other noise, go for crispy clean noise in space now!

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Columbus, OH 


Email: RTPDADREAM@hotmail.com






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To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, we are open 24/7 with instant downloads and just a phone call or email away. if we do not answer right away we will get back to you within the hour if you call or within the day if u email. Thank you for your patience and support always.


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