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R.T.P DA DREAM/Ryan Plavecsky is owner,team captain , player and founder of basketball team Space Jamz based all around Ohio in several different top adult leagues out of Ohio: 

 Coach and Co founder is Jim plavecsky the proud Father of Dream


Space Jamz its a movement.



Top 10 players of all-time




1: number 23 R.T.P. DA DREAM:: best 3 point shooter speciality:,Leader of team, great play maker -good defense ..down low and 2-3 defender speciality

2. Ju ju best offense all around, team captain 2 ,great play maker, good driver.good defense 

3 Tae: handles..best mid range shooter, and best pg.. great play maker- good defense- 

4 Grady: best driver takes lots of hits.-good defense 

5 Ace:3 point master and great driver also makes clutch shots-good defense 

6-Nivara: handles.-speedy ,great passer.. great drive- denfense 2-3

7,- Dezi-great handles-good rebou8nder..good all-around shooter-great driver.good denfense 

8. Eric dukes-great all around..good drive..takes hits- good defense

9 Shawn- great big ..good center..good rebounder..good 3 pt shooter

10.Marcus- great 3 poinjt shooter ..good recbounder..good defense down low





CHAMPIONSHIPS: 7: 2017, 2018, 2018,2018 2019,219,2019





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Columbus, OH 


Email: RTPDADREAM@hotmail.com






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To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, we are open 24/7 with instant downloads and just a phone call or email away. if we do not answer right away we will get back to you within the hour if you call or within the day if u email. Thank you for your patience and support always.


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